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Hello Baby, Goodbye Sleep?

A study shows that a new parent only gets 4 hours of sleep a night on average, which isn’t good for both a parent and a baby. Lulu is designed to promote better sleep for both. Making the most of a popular baby product, a humidifier, Lulu utilizes a fan inside the humidifier to make white noise that lulls baby to sleep.

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Materials and interface are designed with a consideration of baby — BPA-free plastics, waterproof fabric, and minimum controls.

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A humidifier adds moisture to the air and creates optimal breathing conditions, allowing baby to sleep comfortably.

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A fan not only pushes the ultrasonic mist but also creates the whooshing sound baby used to hear in the womb.
This sound masks sudden changes in noise, making sure baby sleep soundly.

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Twisting the top lid changes the tone of white noise, allowing users to dial in the sound by adjusting the speed of moving air.

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Lulu is inspired by furniture and lighting design to move away from a child-like aesthetic. This not only creates a calming and friendly look and feel, Lulu also easily finds a place in home.

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